Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I hope drawing shows how beautiful these magnificent flowers are.

Rose #15

This rose drawing has a million of intriguing details ... although it is only a rose bud.

Rose #14

Rose #13

Rose #12

A friend of mine from Academy of Realist Art in Toronto shared with me how “needle point” graphite pencil can be used for fine shading. And here I am testing my eye sight, resisting to work with magnifying glasses and exploring new drawing and shading technique. It takes many hours to complete one small ACEO, but I think it is worth the effort. The drawing surface looks very smooth in texture, although paper is not that smooth.

Thanks Lenny!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rose #11

Have you ever tried to look at the Sun, especially after swimming, with water drops still on your eyelashes?

I did it many times. It was always part of my “vacation fun”. All I could see were the closest objects illuminated by a strong backlight and thousands of light and dark bubbles in the background creating a river of light flowing in the direction of the Sun. That is how the idea to draw Rose #11 was born.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rose #10

It is “Family Day” in Ontario, so I did not go for work and had the whole day for drawing. Here I am at the first “milestone” Rose #10. It had to be something special right? I decided to draw a little more complicated composition then any of the previous. The level of details was just killing … but I hope it was worthwhile. I purposely placed a few almost undefined leaves vanishing in the space behind the rose, so that depth and 3D appearance is re-assured.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rose #8, #9

Today weather in Toronto looks quite pleasing. It is cold but there is a lot of sunshine all around. This weekend I dedicated to completing my blog set up and now I would like to walk around and visit my favorite art stores.

Rose #6, #7

Rose #3, #4, #5

Rose # 2,

My intention is to draw or paint every day, but I know there will be days when it would be hardly possible. It is good enough as long as I keep trying.

Rose #1

Beginning always looks difficult. Eagerness to start a new adventure and reluctance to step into unknown are very often overwhelming. I personally find the biggest challenge in finding moral support to start, to make that first step, and not let my vision dye before it becomes “visible” to the others. What triggered my desire to draw and paint is still quite foggy, but I am sure there will be a lot to learn and share down the road.
Every beginning is easier if you plan for it and start with a good foundation. I wanted good artist quality drawing paper and artist drawing/sketching pencils. Here is my choice: Fabriano 200g drawing paper and Cretacolor graphite drawing pencils.