Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rose # 2,

My intention is to draw or paint every day, but I know there will be days when it would be hardly possible. It is good enough as long as I keep trying.


mark jarvis said...

I am really surprised with the contrast you have in your sketches and the realistic effects you have acheieved just with pencil.

Are these roses all of the same kind?

Tanveer said...

This looks like a Black & White Photograph of a real rose. I cannot believe the kind of contrast and shades this has. After observing it for some time I realised that this is not a photograph but a pencil sketch.

Lela Stankovic said...

Hi Mark,
I am glad you like my drawings … thanks for looking. Pencils I use are graphite drawing pencils of different hardness. In general hardness goes from 9H (very hard, creates very light line) to 9B (very soft, creates very dark line). My range is 4H-9B. In addition by varying the pressure while drawing the range of possible values gets even wider. It is not possible to get pure black with graphite, but you can get quite close with 9B pencil.

Roses are all different and each drawing design is unique. White, yellow or light pink roses look lighter while red or purple roses look much darker.

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